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It is with great sadness that we let you know, our oldest chocolate Labrador passed away in September. From the start to the end he truly was the best dog anyone could ask for.


Blaze's name - as huge Man United fans and the bold white chest Lord Blaze of Glory was a name we couldn't resist.

Blaze's character - kind, caring, brave, noble, happy, smiley and a true gentlemen. He loved everyone who came to see him from little children pulling his big ears to caring for the elderly.

Blazes features - a bold white chest, grey faced and paws, stunning brown eyes, a massive head and dopey ears, he was a Morgan Freeman look a like.

Blaze's favourite things to do - go for morning walks with mum and dad preparing himself for a busy day greeting customers. To lying at nanny ol's feet at the bar and joining the regulars for a pint in the afternoon to evening snuggles with the family.

Blaze and the 3 kids - Blaze was our first ever pet. He taught us many things, how to be calm in situations that come to us and to be kind to everyone that enters our lives. To watching Gracie walk through the school gates for the first time and watching Jack and Tom playing their first football matches whilst barking his head off at the ball. He watched mum weed and decorate the pub and drooled at dad whilst he cooked in the kitchen waiting y the back door for something to drop. 

Busby - since we got Busby 7 years ago, he looked up to Blaze like a father even in his last days, he trained him his old wise ways. When we got Busby Blaze was 8 years old but Busby soon sprung him into a little pup again, forever smiling and happy.

The dog with 9 lives - when we first came to the pub, renovations were being completed in the ceilings, Blaze thought it was a clever idea to test out the old floor boards. Customers were in shock watching a massive Labrador fall 7 foot in the air through the ceiling and walk off like nothing happened.


Blaze helped us survive bad times living through a pandemic and now the crisis we face ahead but his positive look on life always gives us hope. He was the glue to our family through the bad and good times and always knew how to make us smile and cuddle us when we were down. Through everything that we as a family or individually been through in our lives his always been the one we could talk to and tell him anything that's going on. He'd look at you and you would know that with his wise old eyes "Toughen up you can do this"

This is the celebration of a special dog who touched the hearts of everyone he came across. He came to the Jockey as a puppy and left as a living legend. 

The mascot of the Jockey.

See you in heaven Blaze.

In loving memory, forever and always, we love you Blazey Boy.


We are a dog friendly, family owned business whose emphasis is about catering  for all family members from youngest to the oldest

Busby is our friendly chocolate Labrador and is here to welcome all, he learnt all he knows from our late chocolate Labrador Blaze (he especially likes the furry family members !!)

During these testing times, we have implemented a safe & professional environment, yet still obtaining that comfortable, family friendly service that all our regulars and new customers come to expect

COVID has had a huge impact on all of our lives and changed the hospitality Industry in many ways. One of the biggest issues that the Industry is facing at the moment is staffing. As a family, we have worked 7 days a week to ensure that our high standards of service are kept. Please bare with us during the summer periods as staffing continues to be a struggle, we suggest to book a table to avoid wait times and ensure a relaxed meal.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support

Take care, stay safe and we hope to welcome you soon

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